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Styro Innovations has come up with some interesting DIY modular floating systems to help you with your boating project.

If you are looking for a way to float your project or build a simple pontoon boat....take a look!

We now offer a new line of high density EPS pontoons with different shapes and sizes.


Styro Innovations offers pontoon kits that are made of high density EPS foam. The builder can build or modify the EPS pontoons for their own floating project. There are many ways to protect the finish project by coating the pontoons with a user-friendly 2-part epoxy coating, fiber glass, bed-liner paint or a low budget process using rubberized coating that is used on roofs.

The pontoon boats you see pictured are sold in kits for YOUR project...we do not sell boats...we sell the pontoons for you to build your project and you are responsible to follow your state laws.

  •  We keep a low inventory of the pontoon boat kits due to the high amount of custom ordering. Please send us an email with any questions about your project.               We can save you money!

  • We keep a larger inventory of the "SHAPES" and you may find that the shapes may work better for your DIY project.                           

  •        SEE "SHAPES" BELOW


All shapes are made out of 2.4# high-density EPS foam and are sold in 3-foot lengths.

                        FREE SHIPPING ON SHAPES

                   Click on the “SHOP” tab in the menu for availability and pricing.

                Contact us for larger custom sizes (3-ft diameter x 10-ft long MAX) for pick up only.


These different shapes and sizes are the answer for any DIY individual. You can build your own dock or boat using your own resources. These use a simple method with 2x4 construction which can let your ideas come to light easily.

Please go to the shop page to view pricing and availability.

Check out the dimensions of each shape to see what can work for your project. More pictures and information about buoyancy and sizing located on the "shop" page in the menu.


Check out a few videos of a finished boat project

Our new boat design offers many options 

10 foot.jpg

When you receive a pontoon or shape kit, you will have different options to seal and coat the raw EPS.  We go into detail on the epoxy resin below.  You can also use a less expensive method by applying a rubberized coating (the same material that gets applied to an RV roof or any leaking roof) on the pontoons easily. You can use a brush, spray it with a gun or even dip the toons. This coating is sold in any Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, etc... and the price range is anywhere from $50 to $100 for 5 gallons. We use Duck Coat to cover the bottom of our docks completely to seal moisture from getting to the EPS as well as the wood. The thickness of the coating depends on how many coats you want to apply and comes in black or white and is paintable. (You can use something similar to Duck Coat with the same results.) 

Please check out our FAQ about other ways to coat the EPS foam including bedliner paint, fiberglass resin, etc....



What to expect when you       receive your boat kit!


Once you receive your kit, carefully unpack the pontoons.


Be careful  handling the pontoons and temporarily assemble them to get an idea of how your project will go together.  You will have many options later but this will give you some vision on your project. 


If you ordered the 2-part epoxy with your kit you can apply your first coat now. You can apply the epoxy with either a small roller or brush. If you know how to paint you can apply the epoxy. Give yourself plenty of room to work and we recommend mixing small amounts.  (approximately 8 oz each part A and part B) Coat each pontoon part individually and allow to fully cure.


Before applying the 2nd coat of epoxy you need to glue the hot wire cut lines with Power Grab (included with the Epoxy kit). This step strengthens the pontoons and acts as a weld on EPS. 


This paddle board was done with 3 cans of florescent paint from a can.


After the glue dries you can apply the 2nd coat of epoxy. If you want to add color to your epoxy now you can. We do not send colors and it is time for you to be creative with your DIY skills. If you choose to paint it with cans or brush you can do so after the 2nd coat dries. You will be applying the 3rd coat over the paint for a deep look to the surface.

This 9 foot boat was camouflaged with 3  cans of black from Walmart. $2 each


After your 3rd coat cures you should be ready to cut your PVC lengths and assemble the kit to your preferences. Please read notes below!

-You can use your own material to coat your pontoons, however EPS will not accept just any materials and will melt the foam. We test our epoxy's before we send them to you.

-If you want to use another coating (fiberglass, bed-liner paint, etc) we recommend you use an epoxy similar to what we sell for the first coat to protect\shield the harsh chemicals from melting the foam.

-You may find you want the pontoons to have a stronger coat than what 3 coats of epoxy gives you. It is only an opinion that your pontoons will be strong enough so please be aware that if you want to be more aggressive with your boat, you may want to coat it with a fiberglass resin. (its now safe for anything you choose)

-If you don't want to use the epoxy at all and have the resources to spray the poly-urea (what they use for truck beds) that works really well. (Line-X or Rhino Liner, etc)

full 12ft_edited_edited_edited.png

rolling model


9 foot camouflage

15 ft.jpg

15 foot with DIY steering

15 foot folding


Choose Your Motor Location


If the weight is not an issue you can install a wood floor


Incredible Buoyancy (12FT Kit)


                (9ft model)
Great stability sitting or standing


Simple deck boat


                Out-rig your kayak

Maybe and maybe not!!!!!!

I thought I would share a few project ideas that were built along the way!


2-person paddle board anyone? I thought it would be cool! well, Kinda!


This is a 12 foot boat!!!!!


I water jet some stencils because I don't have the skills to paint them!


Everybody wants a tri-toon...until they find out how much it cost to ship!

Had to take break from building the water toys. So, I put together a "robot" to help me mow the grass. I used some large stepper motors and a couple conveyor belts that I drilled and tapped for some old school cleats. Then I attached a "reel" mower on the front...I also have a snow blade for it...I'm kinda lazy that way...LOL

I actually built the stand-up before I came up with the pontoon kit. This was very popular. Unfortunately,  I have too much time printing the 3D-printer steering components and it spends a long time on the CNC router table. Its a great design but not cost effective for me to build them in a production run. (not to mention the high cost of shipping)



Styro Innovations where DIY meets the open water. We create affordable watercraft kits so you can build your own.

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