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How much weight will the pontoons hold?

We have done testing with all the models and we are impressed with the buoyancy they have. With that being said we just loaded them up with weight, and although they were unsinkable we just called the weight limit to where we maintained stability.
9ft model 300 lbs
12ft model 500 lbs
15ft model 700 lbs



Can I leave the pontoons in the water during the winter?
Yes... we left our jet ski dock made out of the same materials in an Ohio lake with zero issues from ice with no water logging. (still using it)

Can you explain more about the 1 1/4 PVC we need to buy after we receive the Kit?
The Gray 1 1\4 schedule 40 PVC can be bought in 10 foot long lengths from Lowe's, Menard's, Home Depot, etc...I use the gray because it blends well with the black pontoons. (the standard white is half the price)  I purchased mine from Menard's and it's made in the USA. This is where the DIY person comes into play. I have not glued any on my kits but that don't mean you don't need to. The tubes just slide it thru the holes after you cut the desired lengths. (IMPORTANT) Make sure you put a nice smooth chamfer on the outside of the PVC so it will not cut into the foam. The DIY guy will kick in from there.

Are the pontoons safe in salt water? effect on the polyurea....just make sure you use the correct hardware. (stainless steel)


How heavy are the pontoon kits?

The standard 9 foot pontoon kits shipping weight is less than 18 pounds.(with the boxing)

The standard 12 foot pontoon kits shipping weight is less than 25 pounds.(with the boxing)

The standard 15 foot pontoon kits shipping weight is less than 32 pounds.(with the boxing)

The weight of these kits are extremely light but depending on your project and what materials you use will determine how heavy your project will end up! 

I am looking at your pontoons because my knees are too bad to crawl into a kayak. Are your setups stable when you stand up? don't have to be an athlete to stand up like you would on a kayak.

Can we take these pontoons into rough waters? I don't recommend it for obvious reasons....However, the pontoons are NOT going to sink no matter what...and these are NOT inflatables...the pontoons are tough...but be smart! (There is a video showing me beating one with a hammer...check it out)

If I decided to build a boat what do I do about getting them registered if I take it out on public waters?

Every state has different rules and you will have to check your state laws. Just go on the internet and type in "registration requirements for homemade vessel" in your state.  If you are using the pontoons as out-riggers there should be no problems and you don't have to do anything. But if you are going to use them to build a boat from scratch your state may require an inspection or maybe just a bill of sale.  You are responsible for your project and how you decide to build it.  The variables are different in every state (human power, electric motor, gas motor, length, etc....)


Can we paint the pontoons? Absolutely....would love some pictures of the finished project. I just used regular spray paint in a can to do my camouflage patterns and it adhered nicely. ($3.98 a can)

Note: Please contact me for the custom camouflage paint and we can accommodate that for you too! 

How do you attach the decking floor to the PVC? I just used simple u-blots and attach the boards to the  PVC like a clamp. They cost about $1.40 each from Menard s....a bit more if you get stainless steel.


What are the slots for on top of the pontoons?

The slots are for the kits I will be supplying soon....I am just getting started with these but I will be offering some solar panel kits, motor mount kits, seat kits, etc...but I encourage you all to save some money and build your own kits....that is why i am building DIY kits for you all....I get it!

DIY painting and coating

 We offer these pontoon kits two ways. I offer them with and without a hard coat resin. If you were to choose the pontoons with the poly-urea coating (they only come with the black poly-urea like you see in the pictures)  then you use regular spray paint in a can and spray them your desired color and it adheres nicely. (about $3.98 for rust-oleum 2x ultra cover)
If you choose without the hard coat poly-urea resin you will need to protect them from getting beat up in the water. Unless you have the skills\patients to cover the raw foam pontoons in a fiberglass resin, you can try this method. Pick up some cheap regular WATER BASE paint, you can either spray the pontoons with a paint gun or brush\roll it on. Any kind of aerosol paint will eat the foam and it will look terrible. So this has to be done FIRST so you can do the next step and that is to apply a protection coating on the pontoons. My suggestion is AFTER you put a cheap coat of water base paint on them is pick up a gallon of bed liner paint from Walmart for about 50 bucks and cover the pontoons. (I used a $20 AIR UNDER COATING GUN UG8405 to apply it) I have personally tried this method and although it does not work as well as the poly-urea... it works pretty dag-gone good and saves you money. :-) This method will keep the pontoons protected. Then you can paint over top that coating with your color if you desire.

Note To Buyer and we are just saying!

These pontoon kits are NOT made in a mass production enviroment. Every pontoon is CNC cut out of EPS then manually dressed out of the block individually when they are in a somewhat fragile state. Sometimes they will develop some cosmetic flaws during handling before they get coated with poly-urea. This has no effect on performance and is hardly noticeable to the human eye. Please contact us before you order if you feel this is an issue.
The tolerances are very loose (+\- .062) to keep the fit consistent with all the models. There is some accumulative tolerance that may affect the total length of the pontoons  once assembled. The poly-urea process adds a total of .030 to .040 layer to the outside dimensions. No worries if you are worried about fit...every pontoon is fit tested before we box them to assure you will have no issues.

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